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ckasumo_MSc_Dissertation.pdf.jpg2011-09Minimizing the probability of ultimate ruin by proportional reinsurance and investmentsKasumo, Christian
2013-12The development and emperical evaluation of an affirmative development coaching competency questionnaireChikampa, Victor
An_assessment_of_Information_Security_Aw.pdf.jpg2016An assessment of Information Security Awareness among employees in Higher Education Sector in Zambia:Halubanza, Brian; Kunda, Douglas; Musonda, Yolam
2016-02The importance of legislation in the provision of national and public library services in ZambiaZulu, Paul; Ngoepe, Mpho; Saurombe, Nampombe
scree.png.jpg2017Implications of legislation on the provision of national and public library services in ZambiaZulu, Paul
2017Extraction and Demonstration of Uterotonic Activity from the Root of Steganotaenia Araliacea HochstGoma, FM.; Ezeala, C.; Nyirenda, J.; Chuba, D.; Prashar, L.; Simfukwe, N.; Lengwe, C.
FINAL REPORT Kavuyi, 2017.pdf.jpg2017-05Analysis of road safety awareness and road user behaviour among public service vehicle drivers: a case study of kabweKamelu, Kavuyi
2017-11Determinants and inequalities in access to improved water sources and sanitation among the Zambian householdsMulenga, James N.; Bwalya, Bupe B.; Chishimba, Kunda Kaliba
2018Evaluation of the educational environments of undergraduate medicine and pharmacy programmes at the University of ZambiaEzeala and Moleki, Christian C. Prof., Mary M.
FINAL DISSERTATION 2018 CATHERINE.pdf.jpg2018-05Role of community based nutrition education in combating stunting among under-five children in LivingstoneCatherine, Muhau
FINAL REPORT, Mayaba  Miyanda 2018.pdf.jpg2018-05Assessing uptake and perceptions of dairy technologies by smallholder farmers’ of Monze, Choma and Kalomo districts of Zambia.Miyanda, Mayaba
Moonga Mostie Keezwa.pdf.jpg2018-08Factors influencing the growing of gankata and kafwamba as alternative maize varieties to climate change adaptation in Mazabuka district of ZambiaKeezwa, Moonga Mostie
Mwizabi Paul Simasiku.pdf.jpg2018-08Social factors contributing to recidivism among discharged prisoners: a case study of Mukobeko Maximum correctional facility in Kabwe district, Central Province of Zambia.Simasiku, Mwizabi Paul
EVERLYN NAMUMBA FINAL REPORT #- 2018.pdf.jpg2018-08The impact of occupational health hazards and injuries on livelihoods of affected workers: a case of Kitwe districtNamumba, Everlyn
brian mwila.pdf.jpg2018-08Disaster risk preparedness strategies against fire in urban markets in Zambia : a case study of Chisokene market in KitweMwila, Brain
Abel Matola.pdf.jpg2018-08The public health risk of pathogenic bacteriological contamination of water in the Kafubu riverMatola, Able
PHILIPPA FINAL RESEARCH REPORT.pdf.jpg2018-08Chemical elements in rape (Brassica Napus L.) a case study of selected small scale farms in Kabwe district,Central province, ZambiaChakabveyo, Philippa Varaidza
CHIBIZWA CHIBE CHIBBOMPA .pdf.jpg2018-08Impact of e-voucher farmer input support programme (FISP) on crop productivity and income diversification among small scale farmers of Lukanda agricultural camp in Kapiri Mposhi district in ZambiaChibbompa, Chibizwa Chibe
LESA REPORT- SANITATION ORIGINAL - Ready 1.pdf.jpg2018-08The status of sanitation facilities in selected public schools in Kabushi constituency of Ndola urbanLesa, Mary