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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
IMG_20200827_131106_033.jpg.jpg2020-09-03Acting Principal : 1981 - 1983Dr. Muyoba, Godwin Nicholas
IMG_20200903_084512_799.jpg.jpg2020-09-03Acting Principal :1995 - 1996 ; Principal : 1996 - 2007Mr. Bwalya, Joseph Mulenga
FINAL REPORT Kavuyi, 2017.pdf.jpg2017-05Analysis of road safety awareness and road user behaviour among public service vehicle drivers: a case study of kabweKamelu, Kavuyi
2020Aphrodisiac Effects of an Ethanolic Root Extract of Ocimum fimbriatum Briq. var. fimbriatum (Kafupa) on Male Wistar RatsKamwela, Moses; Christian, Ezeala; Lavina, Prashar
FINAL REPORT, Mayaba  Miyanda 2018.pdf.jpg2018-05Assessing uptake and perceptions of dairy technologies by smallholder farmers’ of Monze, Choma and Kalomo districts of Zambia.Miyanda, Mayaba
An_assessment_of_Information_Security_Aw.pdf.jpg2016An assessment of Information Security Awareness among employees in Higher Education Sector in Zambia:Halubanza, Brian; Kunda, Douglas; Musonda, Yolam
Chama Cephas.pdf.jpg2018-08Causes of human encroachment on Kalulu forest in Kabwe district of Central province, ZambiaChama, Cephas
PHILIPPA FINAL RESEARCH REPORT.pdf.jpg2018-08Chemical elements in rape (Brassica Napus L.) a case study of selected small scale farms in Kabwe district,Central province, ZambiaChakabveyo, Philippa Varaidza
IMG_20200903_084835_127.jpg.jpg2020-09-03College Principal : 1974 - 1981Mr. Chalabesa, Emmanuel Chimbola
2019Current global pespectives on the parmacotherapy of Helicobacter Pylori Infection: Therapeutic Implications for Sub-saharan AfricaEzeale and Akapelwa, Christian C. Prof.
2017-11Determinants and inequalities in access to improved water sources and sanitation among the Zambian householdsMulenga, James N.; Bwalya, Bupe B.; Chishimba, Kunda Kaliba
2013-12The development and emperical evaluation of an affirmative development coaching competency questionnaireChikampa, Victor
brian mwila.pdf.jpg2018-08Disaster risk preparedness strategies against fire in urban markets in Zambia : a case study of Chisokene market in KitweMwila, Brain
SLT 371 laboratory manual (edited 5).pdf.jpg2020-11-16DNA Fingerprinting and Forensic Analysis Laboratory manualSimwatachela, Hyden
IJMCER_RR02503720378.pdf.jpg2020Effectiveness of Library Practicum in linking theory and practice :Musonda, Yolam; Zulu, Zachary; Chewe, Pailet
2019-08-15Employment Growth of Small, Medium, and Large Firms: Evidence from ZambiaYordanos, Gebremeske
2018Evaluation of the educational environments of undergraduate medicine and pharmacy programmes at the University of ZambiaEzeala and Moleki, Christian C. Prof., Mary M.
2017Extraction and Demonstration of Uterotonic Activity from the Root of Steganotaenia Araliacea HochstGoma, FM.; Ezeala, C.; Nyirenda, J.; Chuba, D.; Prashar, L.; Simfukwe, N.; Lengwe, C.
Moonga Mostie Keezwa.pdf.jpg2018-08Factors influencing the growing of gankata and kafwamba as alternative maize varieties to climate change adaptation in Mazabuka district of ZambiaKeezwa, Moonga Mostie
MWEETWA HANSEL M MU RP X2.pdf.jpg2018-08Fire incidence preparedness by Mazabuka municipal council: a case study of urban markets.Mweetwa, Hansel Maimbolwa