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FINAL REPORT Kavuyi, 2017.pdf.jpg2017-05Analysis of road safety awareness and road user behaviour among public service vehicle drivers: a case study of kabweKamelu, Kavuyi
FINAL REPORT, Mayaba  Miyanda 2018.pdf.jpg2018-05Assessing uptake and perceptions of dairy technologies by smallholder farmers’ of Monze, Choma and Kalomo districts of Zambia.Miyanda, Mayaba
Chama Cephas.pdf.jpg2018-08Causes of human encroachment on Kalulu forest in Kabwe district of Central province, ZambiaChama, Cephas
PHILIPPA FINAL RESEARCH REPORT.pdf.jpg2018-08Chemical elements in rape (Brassica Napus L.) a case study of selected small scale farms in Kabwe district,Central province, ZambiaChakabveyo, Philippa Varaidza
brian mwila.pdf.jpg2018-08Disaster risk preparedness strategies against fire in urban markets in Zambia : a case study of Chisokene market in KitweMwila, Brain
Moonga Mostie Keezwa.pdf.jpg2018-08Factors influencing the growing of gankata and kafwamba as alternative maize varieties to climate change adaptation in Mazabuka district of ZambiaKeezwa, Moonga Mostie
MWEETWA HANSEL M MU RP X2.pdf.jpg2018-08Fire incidence preparedness by Mazabuka municipal council: a case study of urban markets.Mweetwa, Hansel Maimbolwa
CHIBIZWA CHIBE CHIBBOMPA .pdf.jpg2018-08Impact of e-voucher farmer input support programme (FISP) on crop productivity and income diversification among small scale farmers of Lukanda agricultural camp in Kapiri Mposhi district in ZambiaChibbompa, Chibizwa Chibe
EVERLYN NAMUMBA FINAL REPORT #- 2018.pdf.jpg2018-08The impact of occupational health hazards and injuries on livelihoods of affected workers: a case of Kitwe districtNamumba, Everlyn
scree.png.jpg2017Implications of legislation on the provision of national and public library services in ZambiaZulu, Paul
2016-02The importance of legislation in the provision of national and public library services in ZambiaZulu, Paul; Ngoepe, Mpho; Saurombe, Nampombe
Martha Kabuka Chisenga.pdf.jpg2018-08Measuring the effects of village bank programme on household income. a case study of Vulamkoko village in Katete district Zambia.Chisenga, Martha Kabuka
ckasumo_MSc_Dissertation.pdf.jpg2011-09Minimizing the probability of ultimate ruin by proportional reinsurance and investmentsKasumo, Christian
Davy Simutengu.pdf.jpg2018-08Perceived causes of suicide in Kabwe urban a case study of Kabwe urbanSimutengu, Davy
Abel Matola.pdf.jpg2018-08The public health risk of pathogenic bacteriological contamination of water in the Kafubu riverMatola, Able
FINAL DISSERTATION 2018 CATHERINE.pdf.jpg2018-05Role of community based nutrition education in combating stunting among under-five children in LivingstoneCatherine, Muhau
Mwizabi Paul Simasiku.pdf.jpg2018-08Social factors contributing to recidivism among discharged prisoners: a case study of Mukobeko Maximum correctional facility in Kabwe district, Central Province of Zambia.Simasiku, Mwizabi Paul
LESA REPORT- SANITATION ORIGINAL - Ready 1.pdf.jpg2018-08The status of sanitation facilities in selected public schools in Kabushi constituency of Ndola urbanLesa, Mary