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Title: Applying Results Based Management (RBM) Strategies in African Public Administration: Challenges and Opportunities
Authors: Mulikita, Njunga-Michael
Keywords: Result based mangement, Governance, Civil Service.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Civil service is the implementation mechanism of the State charged with translating the socio-economic vision of the State into tangible social and economic development for citizens. By assuming this critical role of policy implementation, the Civil Service plays a strategic role in determining the degree of legitimacy and credibility the state enjoys among ordinary citizens. An effective and efficient Civil Service equipped with necessary implementation capacities, is therefore an absolute sine qua non for a well performing or capable state. A well performing state is one which meets the developmental aspirations of its people. Therefore in practically all African countries, particularly those in Sub-Saharan Africa, ordinary people demand results based management strategies in the Civil Service so that they can enjoy the practical benefits of sustainable development.
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