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2010Evaluation of rural services delivery in Mpongwe districtBonger, Tenkir; Yordanos, Gebremeskel; Mwewa, Micheal
2017Rural-urban differentials in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among women of child bearing age in Zambian.Bwalya, Bupe B.; Mapoma, Chabila, C.; Mulenga, James N.
1210-3702-1-PB.pdf.jpg2018-11Too young to be a wife! Analysis of the factors influencing child marriages and its influence on the preferred number of children among women in Zambia. African Population Studies.James, Mulenga; Chonzi, Mulenga; Bupe, Bwalya; Christabel, Ngongola-Reinke
2018-09Demystifying the concept of state or regulatory capture from a theoretical public economics perspective.Chonzi, Mulenga; Mulenga, James, Nileshi
2017Factors associated with postnatal care for newborns in Zambia: analysis of the 2013- 14 Zambia demographic and health survey.Bwalya, Bupe B.; Chonzi, Mulenga; Mulenga, James N.
2012Determinants of Intra-Industry trade between Zambia and it's trading partners in the Southuthen African Development Community (SADC).Chonzi, Mulenga
2017-05Economic Status and Maternal Health: Analysis of The 2013-14 Zambia Demographic and Health Survey.Chonzi, Mulenga
2017-11Willingness to Pay (WTP) for pipe-water connection in Makululu compound of Kabwe, Zambia.Yordanos, Gebremeskel
2019-07-19Skills Gap, Innovation, and Firms Performance in Zambia.Yordanos, Gebremeskel; Simuchimba, Bupe; Chonzi, Mulenga
2015Can HIV/AIDS be fought by targeting youths in Zambia? Analysis of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Sexual Behaviour among youths aged 15 – 24 yearsBwalya, Bupe B.; Banda, Andrew; Jere, Starnley Jere; Funsani, Peter