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2015Can HIV/AIDS be fought by targeting youths in Zambia? Analysis of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Sexual Behaviour among youths aged 15 – 24 yearsBwalya, Bupe B.; Banda, Andrew; Jere, Starnley Jere; Funsani, Peter
2014-10-11Cash or Food? Which Works Better to Improve Nutrition Status and Treatment Adherence for HIV Patients Starting Antiretroviral Therapy.Bwalya, Bupe B.; Manzinza, Kawana Beatrice; Musonda, Mofu, J.; Siamusantu, Ward S.; Kabwe, Kabaso F.; Tembo, Gelson; Goulden, Jay; Banda, Levyson
Chama Cephas.pdf.jpg2018-08Causes of human encroachment on Kalulu forest in Kabwe district of Central province, ZambiaChama, Cephas
PHILIPPA FINAL RESEARCH REPORT.pdf.jpg2018-08Chemical elements in rape (Brassica Napus L.) a case study of selected small scale farms in Kabwe district,Central province, ZambiaChakabveyo, Philippa Varaidza
IMG_20200903_084835_127.jpg.jpg2020-09-03College Principal : 1974 - 1981Mr. Chalabesa, Emmanuel Chimbola
Currentglobalperspectiveshp.pdf.jpg2019Current global pespectives on the parmacotherapy of Helicobacter Pylori Infection: Therapeutic Implications for Sub-saharan AfricaEzeale and Akapelwa, Christian C. Prof.
12094-22406-2-PB.pdf.jpg2016-12-13Demographic and socio-economic determinants of women’s health insurance coverage in ZambiaMulenga, James N.; Bwalya, Bupe B.; Yordanos, Gebremeskel
2018-09Demystifying the concept of state or regulatory capture from a theoretical public economics perspective.Chonzi, Mulenga; Mulenga, James, Nileshi
ijds-v6n8-16(1).pdf.jpg2017-11Determinants and inequalities in access to improved water sources and sanitation among the Zambian householdsMulenga, James N.; Bwalya, Bupe B.; Chishimba, Kunda Kaliba
2012Determinants of Intra-Industry trade between Zambia and it's trading partners in the Southuthen African Development Community (SADC).Chonzi, Mulenga
2014-07-24Determinants of Profit Variability among Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in ZambiaYordanos, Gebremeskel
chikampa_development_2013.pdf.jpg2013-12The development and emperical evaluation of an affirmative development coaching competency questionnaireChikampa, Victor
2015-05Digit Preference and it's implicatiocations on population projections in Zambia: evidence from the cesus data.Bwalya, Bupe B.; Phiri, Million; Mwansa, Cynthia
brian mwila.pdf.jpg2018-08Disaster risk preparedness strategies against fire in urban markets in Zambia : a case study of Chisokene market in KitweMwila, Brain
SLT 371 laboratory manual (edited 5).pdf.jpg2020-11-16DNA Fingerprinting and Forensic Analysis Laboratory manualSimwatachela, Hyden
2017-05Economic Status and Maternal Health: Analysis of The 2013-14 Zambia Demographic and Health Survey.Chonzi, Mulenga
IJMCER_RR02503720378.pdf.jpg2020Effectiveness of Library Practicum in linking theory and practice :Musonda, Yolam; Zulu, Zachary; Chewe, Pailet
IJRPR008(1).pdf.jpg2020The Effects of Voter Apathy on the Growth of Electoral Democracy in Zambia with Special Focus on Kabwe Central Constituency.Mataka, Blessing; Nkandu, Mwaka Ossin
2019-08-15Employment Growth of Small, Medium, and Large Firms: Evidence from ZambiaYordanos, Gebremeske
2010Evaluation of rural services delivery in Mpongwe districtBonger, Tenkir; Yordanos, Gebremeskel; Mwewa, Micheal